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Hello everyone!! :wave:


To be able to live a not so stressed life here IRL all members are now allowed to submit 10 artworks per month!! So make it a worthy 10 submissions!!

As well as there being a new folder for admins! Perks to being an admin? Please help us with submissions > 3 >

I've been rather busy lately as well as my co-founder Yuulyn so we haven't had much time to log on and when we do.....things get heckteck. Like today I found out I have 100 submissions to go through in 20 minutes :iconlazypoolplz: On top of my own messages....Ohhh dear glob I don't think I'll be able to make it!

So I'm asking the assistance of anyone out their who is customarily on the computer/web for a good deal of the day and if they would possibly be willing to give up about 30 minutes of their day 5 times a week to check/accept artwork? We'd greatly appreciate it!!



P.S. It seems other groups are going through the same thing, it might be because a great deal of the youth that started groups some 4-5 years ago are going away to college, work or are just plain busy. So if your young and free please help!
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Group Rules, Folder Descriptions & Advertisement!

Pinky Bow by miemiefan1:iconpastelstar2plz::iconpastelstar2plz::iconpastelstar2plz::iconpastelstar2plz::iconpastelstar2plz:Pinky Bow by miemiefan1
Welcome to the group AllArtLove, dedicated to giving you all aspects of the art world from Photography, Cosplay, Digital, Traditional, 3D, Fictional Stories, Mature Content, Pixel, as well as Devious and Miscellaneous. We accept all submissions as long as they meet our rules!

We automatically accept membership submissions, although you'll have to wait for us to accept your artwork!! If you decide to join, our group rules are:



:bulletyellow: Pay respect to ALL members, especially the Admin!

:bulletyellow: All Deviants are permitted 10 submissions per MONTH

:bulletyellow: The Featured folder is ONLY for Admin. to submit artwork from within our group, all submissions submitted to that folder will be declined.

:bulletyellow: The Admin folder is as the folder suggests ONLY for Admin to submit there work into as a show of appreciation for all there hard work!

:bulletyellow: Be SURE to submit to the right folder, submissions in the wrong folder will be declined.

:bulletyellow: We love to see your beautiful efforts so please submit only YOUR artwork. If you collaborate or use a piece from someone else, make certain to Credit them!!

:bulletyellow: NO self advertisement, spamming or rude conduct will be allowed.

:bulletyellow: A total of 2 warnings and you will be kicked out of the group.

:bulletyellow: Label all artwork appropriately!

:iconthanks-1plz::iconthanks-2plz: for joining and we hope you enjoy your membership in our group!


Which Folder Should I submit To?

:bulletblue: Featured Folder: Hard work, love and creativity goes into every submission. Only our admin. can submit into this folder with artwork from our group we'd be overjoyed to display! Although we are open to suggestions, please note us with more information.

:bulletblue: Photography: A different aspect of the world through every lens and eyes. We accept everything from cute little duckies waddling in a pond to the landscape and skies! Please remember that Cosplay (dressing up in costume) is not apart of photography (:

:bulletblue: Cospaly: Bringing 2D characters to life with our silly antics, fandom and enthusasim. Cosplay is dressing up in costume and posing/role playing our favourite characters! Such as anime, novels, games and tv shows.

:bulletblue: Digital: From our imagination to our screens. Illustrations and drawings in 2D form created from our computers/tablets.

:bulletblue: Traditional: From our imagination to all types of media in drawings, doodles, illustrations by hand, brush or any other instrument. If you pen out a line art, it will still be considered traditional artwork.

:bulletblue: 3D: Artwork that pops out of its thresh hold by form of digital appearance, created on a computer for your viewing. Artwork created digitally with an optical illusion, no traditional artwork can be submitted here.

:bulletblue: Fictional Stories: When your imagination and a created world clash to create your deepest darkest secret in words. Only literature that is based off of a published story (manga/novel/movie/show) can be submitted here, original works will be submitted into Literature.

:bulletblue: Pixel: Artwork meant for icon use.

:bulletblue: Mature: All PG-13 and above artwork that CANNOT be submitted into any of the following folders for nudity/profanity/violence. Every submission MUST have a Mature tag.

:bulletblue: Devious: A combination of one or more elements of artwork into one go here. For example: fliers, manga pages, traditional artwork with digital background, character information and meme's.

:bulletblue: Literature: When your imagination comes to life with words breathed by your imagination. Only ORIGINAL works here, this means stories you created without the influence of other stories & characters.

:bulletred::bulletred:Message us if you have any questions or folder suggestions!!



To Advertise on our page please provide the following information to our group via note as well as 5 :points: for every month you want us to have your ad up. All proceeds will be directed towards contests/raffles we will later host!

:bulletgreen: Name: (iconname)
:bulletgreen: Style: (anime, wolves, chibi's, pixel, paints, ect)
:bulletgreen: Price Range: (lowest -> highest /$$ your asking for)
:bulletgreen: Information: [Your commission link goes here]

Total Group Points: 65 :points:







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WhyDesignStudios Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Been waiting a month for an artwork of mine to get accepted and nothing, so if anyone enjoys Fan Art you should come stop by my page!

Tentacruel by WhyDesignStudiosFlareon by WhyDesignStudiosSeel by WhyDesignStudiosMario by WhyDesignStudios

I am currently working on a Pokemon Kanto Pokedex and host polls on what Pokemon I will draw next so stop by! :D
Emi-Gemini Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Someone here for manage pictures ?
Idioturi Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
E-excuse me, I sent my join request a while back, and it hasn't gotten accepted yet...OTL
I was in this group on my old account, but I moved and I'm trying to join again
Manouilidis Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Professional General Artist
thanks for accepting my photos :hug:
(1 Reply)
VLR-MY-F4T3 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Student Artist
sorry to ask , i dont want to be rude or anything
but i submited 4 drawings and all got declined

it were two in balpoint and two digital ones

did i submit them wrong?
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